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ATC and Beggars Group team up for Driift online concerts firm | Music Ally

The founders of music management company ATC Management have launched a new firm called Driift, to produce and promote ticketed online concerts.

The team has already worked on recent livestreams for Laura Marling (who sold 6,500 tickets for her recent Union Chapel concerts), Lianna La Havas and Dermot Kennedy (who Driift says sold more than 30,000 for a show last week) and is planning upcoming gigs for Biffy Clyro and Sleaford Mods.

Driift says it will be handling ticketing, production, licensing, rights management and digital marketing for online concerts. Independent label Beggars Group is a founding investor and shareholder in the new company, which is being run by ATC’s Ric Salmon and Brian Message.

“Ticketed live streaming is currently a space that no one controls, and we believe there is a long-term and commercially viable business here,” said Salmon.

“If we get this right, ticketed streamed productions, whether live shows or something not yet dreamt of, can comfortably sit alongside promotional videos, traditional live shows and other ways fans and artists relate,” added Message.

For more on that, read this timely blog post from Midia Research’s Keith Jopling, who’s been thinking about what needs to happen for paid livestreams to do that.

Photo credit: Joel Ryan

Stuart Dredge

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Something is kicking off in the state of Denmark, and it’s the latest music licensing controversy around YouTube.

Danish collecting society Koda issued a press release last week titled ‘Google removes all Danish music from YouTube’, although the first paragraph makes it clear that this removal hasn’t happened yet.

The background is negotiations for a new deal between YouTube and collecting societies in Norway, Finland and Denmark, operating jointly through their Polaris licensing hub to replace their existing individual deals. Koda’s expired in April, but the society says it was temporarily extended while the new Nordic deal was being thrashed out.

“Now, however, Google have issued a new demand: if the agreement is to be temporarily extended, Koda must agree to reduce the payment provided to composers and songwriters for YouTube’s use of music by almost 70%,” claimed Koda.

国外中文网站、直播总受限?光年路由轻松解决_中华网 - China:2021-3-5 · 众所周知,在国内我伊是用不了YouTube、Facebook等软件的,很多人都在抱怨想看国外的视频或者访问国外网站需要“翻墙”。其实,与国内的上网环境相比,国外网络环境同样堪忧!相信不少身在海外的留学生或者移民,

YouTube has yet to comment (but we’ll update this story when / if it does).

Stuart Dredge

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For some the domestic space has offered artistic liberation at odds with the home’s reputation as a place of constraint for women

EXFLUX - Windows [推荐使用] - Docs - EXFLUX:由于某些原因,软件提供的测速信息不一定准确,请自行尝试可用性。 加速模式介绍 智能伋理:只加速国外网站,国内 网站不通过伋理访问 全局伋理:所有网站通过伋理访问 使用教程 - 伍前 Windows客户端教程 下一个 Clash for Windows 最近更新 1 month ago ...

Some have long understood the benefits of recording in isolation, away from an industry that prizes looks over sounds. Lockdown’s most highly rated album is perhaps US songwriter Fiona Apple’s Fetch the Bolt Cutters. As a 90s teen prodigy, she was dogged by media intrusion, which by her own admission took a lasting toll. But Apple has centred herself by recording in the California home she has seldom left in 20 years. From there, she addressed her past on the album with biting humour and deep feeling.

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The Go-Go’s Movie | Lefsetz Letter

MTV broke the Go-Go’s.

As late as the seventies, there were two Americas, the cities and the rest of the country, the hip and the non-hip, the clued-in and those out of the loop. But MTV started the long march towards unification, cable TV and the internet completed the journey, and now nobody is big, nobody reaches everybody, despite having the infrastructure to achieve this.

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腾讯加速器会员版 - 陌路人博客:2021-6-15 · 【软件说明】:腾讯专业免费手游加速器,稳定游戏网络,支持国内外.上千款游戏。下载立领限时免费VIP 免费加速全球海内外游戏 1、支持上千款手游加速,覆盖国内90%已上线手游,、和平精英、QQ飞车等,保障网络稳定不掉线;覆盖国外热门游戏 ...

And the “Los Angeles Times”… This was before you could get the “New York Times” delivered daily in Los Angeles, that didn’t happen until the mid-eighties. The L.A. “Times” ruled. And not only did it have its tabloid Sunday “Calendar” section, providing more music news than any other newspaper in America, far surpassing that in the “New York Times,” there were multiple writers, if you had any traction, you got ink. And my point here is the Go-Go’s were not an unknown quantity in Los Angeles. They’d been kicking around for years. First as amateurs…and then it took a long time for them to shed that image. I could cite band after band from the late seventies who never made it nationally who everybody knew in Los Angeles. Many even got record deals, even though their albums stiffed. But the Go-Go’s didn’t get signed.

But then they did. On IRS. Which was seen as a tertiary label distributed by A&M. For English acts that couldn’t get releases in the U.S., for nothing that broke big.

Until the Go-Go’s.

So, the band got signed and their initial record was produced by Richard Gottehrer. He’s the unsung hero of the band’s success. He gets some footage in this documentary, but when he was announced as the producer of the band we all scratched our heads. The guy responsible for the Strangeloves “I Want Candy,” and a cowriter on “My Boyfriend’s Back” and “Hang on Sloopy”? Talk about looking in the rearview mirror… Sure, Gottehrer produced the first two Blondie LPs on Private Stock, but the band didn’t break through until it switched to Chrysalis and engaged the Commander, Mike Chapman, to produce it. Mike Chapman was not interested in the Go-Go’s, not Roy Thomas Baker, not Nick Lowe…this was not an album destined for success.

And then it came out.

We were aware of “We Got the Beat.” We heard it on KROQ. Interesting, but not a home run.

And in L.A. “Beauty and the Beat” did not slip out unannounced, there was as much promo, as much hype on the album as there was on anything released, it was a hometown band, of girls, this was not 20/20 or Great Buildings, this was the Little Engine That Could…could it?

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Yes, the story was about the album cover, the making of the record, but what broke the band was an indelible single you only had to hear once, that melded the best of AM and FM, catchy yet without a mindless sensibility, you had to own it.

如何加速访问国外服务器? -「云杰通信」:今天 · 伋业用户在与海外伋业对接时,访问海外服务器遇到了十分严重的问题。对于大部分之前一直访问国内服务器,甚至是没国外服务器的用户。在访问国外服务器的时候总会有很多的顾虑,不知道哪种国外服务器访问专线更稳定,能达到自身产品运行所需要的实际服务器环境。

如何提高通过hostwinds搭建网站的访问速度?:2021-3-20 · 在这篇文章中我对hostwinds做了一个全面的评测,得知它是一个老牌的品牌主机商,在国外口碑爆棚,比如全球第一大IT媒体网站——pcmag.com对全球的品牌主机商做了评测,其中hostwinds获得2021年评分最高的殊荣,可点击这里 打开官网详细了解。 ...

And there was nothing quite as good on the rest of the LP. There was a cleaned-up version of “We Got the Beat,” and “This Town” and a bunch of songs that could play in the background, that could amp you up, but nothing as catchy as…

Richard Gottehrer had worked his magic. It was a sixties girl group, but it sounded positively fresh, definitely eighties as opposed to what came before.

And in the movie, they talk about opening for the Police. But that was how you broke a band in the seventies, in the eighties…

The record business had collapsed. Corporate rock was overbaked and disco failed and CBS Records had to fire a zillion people and then came…


MTV. You’ve got to know, at the beginning, prior to Michael Jackson, MTV was like an FM rock station, Bob Pittman said as much, but suddenly everybody in the WORLD was exposed to this music. And the funny thing is technology worked in reverse. Cable had made inroads in the hinterlands, initially to combat bad over-the-air signals, but subscribers signed up for HBO and then when systems were offered MTV…they picked it right up, the battle was in the metropolis, where cable systems made real money, and with limited bandwidth operators were not about to sacrifice a channel to music videos.

Ergo, the “I Want My MTV!” campaign! One of the most brilliant of all time. Sure, it ended up overused and hackneyed, but at first to be able to see household name musicians on TV, albeit in promos, had a huge impact, usually you had to go to the gig to see them, or they were on canned shows like “In Concert” and “Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert.” Kirshner was never hip, he thought it was about him, not the acts, as if he were Ed Sullivan in a different era, but suddenly there was a whole channel controlled by the youth, it was SNL on steroids.

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Few were making clips when the channel launched. What it aired were oldies, mostly performance videos made by English acts to penetrate the continent, where it was hard to get on the radio. So, the Go-Go’s video stood out.

And most people did not have MTV. So, if you went to the house of someone who did…you watched it endlessly. It wasn’t until the turn of the century that A&R people stopped having MTV on a 24 hour loop in their offices, if you wanted to know which way the wind blew, you watched MTV.

And since Miles Copeland and IRS always did things on the cheap, the video for “Our Lips are Sealed” was made for bupkes, but somehow it contained the essence of the band, their camaraderie, their sense of fun, their willingness to break the rules. Sure, in the movie they talk about wanting to get busted for romping in the fountain, but everyone at home knew this was taboo…did they get permission, did they just do it? YOU WANTED TO HANG WITH THESE GIRLS! With the utterly amazing song.

This was not a studio concoction. This was not Cher. We had not seen regular girls/women on TV like this, certainly not playing music, they were UNFILTERED, there was MAGIC!

And as MTV grew, so did the Go-Go’s, they became a household name.

Now if you were really into “Our Lips are Sealed,” you also had to own the version by Fun Boy Three, I certainly did. It was a funny era, singles were taboo, but now you’d buy a 12″, you had to have the sound at your fingertips.

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Kinda like the ousted bassist in the Go-Go’s and their original manager. This was their one and only shot, it was now or never.

So, riding high, the band continued to…

国外有什么好的网站推荐? - 知乎 - Zhihu:2021-4-4 · 其余的国内网站,进入前二十的只多了一个QQ(18),而马爸爸的淘宝(37)屈居搜狗之后排在国内第四。考虑到国内人口基数,国内的网站其实还有很大的发展空间。也希望能够有更多国内优秀的网站能够冲进前十的大关。

Then there’s the money. You’ve been in a whirl for years, you must be getting rich, right?

But that’s not the story of rock and roll. Someone else is always getting the money. Usually the label, sometimes the manager, but if it’s other band members…

Believe me, few understood publishing at this time, everybody was just eager to get a deal. Sure, the big time artists now self-published, but if you were punk or new wave you just wanted a seat at the table, you’d sacrifice just about everything. But Ginger was smart enough not to cough up the rights and when the bills were paid…the songwriters got rich, everybody else did not. It’s kinda like finding out your parents left most of their estate to another sibling, you can never get over it. And then there are power struggles and one band member leaves and then…it’s over.

It has nothing to do with the Go-Go’s being girls. That’s just the way it is. The difference with the Go-Go’s was they had a HIT, which was written by the band, a few, in fact. They did not comb the catalogs for covers, they were originals. They were all in it together until…

The money. As they say in the music business, it’s not about the money…it’s about the money.

So, Belinda Carlisle has single hits, just like Alice Cooper, the front person always has a leg up when the band breaks up.

But then that success runs out. Rock and roll is a young person’s game. At least through the eyes of those who control it. And those who age don’t own it, they lie about their birth date and act like they’re twenty, even though everyone knows the truth, that they’re acting like children.

So, the Go-Go’s reunite, and are successful on the reunion/oldies circuit…you’ve got to pay those bills. And on stage is the only place you can get that hit, that attention, that adulation and then…

There’s one big promo play. In this case, literally a Broadway play and a movie and a single…

Which cannot succeed. Doesn’t matter how good the track is, today’s business will not allow the oldsters to play.

It’s not the seventies anymore. Only one format matters, Top Forty, and instead of being rock, like it was at the advent of MTV, it’s mostly hip-hop with a little pop. So you can put it out, but few will hear it.

So let’s get back to MTV.

MTV minted worldwide stars. And record companies, despite bitching about the cost of the clips, which they charged to the acts anyway, made more dough than they ever had in their existence. Because of the worldwide reach of superstars and the profits in the newfangled CD.

But then MTV went pop. And then it went hip-hop. Videos were expensive and if you weren’t great-looking… Those were the complaints in the nineties, all the rock acts getting closed out. Actually, at first there was the Seattle Sound, Nirvana and Pearl Jam, but as the decade wore on, there was no room for them on MTV either.

And then came the internet. And soon MTV aired fewer music videos, and then none at all! And the bitching!! God, it was like artists complaining about Spotify today. Everybody said MTV was the enemy. When the truth is music video had become an on demand item online and MTV’s only way to survive economically was to go to shows, whether they be reality or scripted or game…it became just another TV outlet, it even removed “Music” from its name, and I’ve got to ask you, when was the last time you even watched MTV, when was the last time you even COMPLAINED ABOUT IT??

Then the enemy became the public, those file-trading on Napster and its clones.

OneDrive 速度这么慢是因为在国内没有服务器吗?微软有没 ...:2021-9-20 · 不过几乎所有「国外软件用不了、速度慢」的问题都可伍用shadowsocks+proxifier 一次性的完美解决。因为这些软件用不了或者访问慢的主要原因,要么就是在国内没有服务器、要么就是服务器比较少没能Cover到你所在的地区的网络运营商。

And then Spotify and streaming came along and revenues went back up and…

Once again, many artists were left out, behind. When the truth is almost every act’s career atop the chart is brief, and thereafter they’re an oldies act, releasing music for the hard core only. Hell, have you even listened to the past few Bruce Springsteen albums? Maybe you did, but most people did not. Only two tracks on “Western Stars” exceed ten million plays on Spotify, when number 50 on the Spotify Global Top 50 chart had 1,507,297 streams JUST YESTERDAY! Yup, Springsteen owns boomer mindshare, gets all the ink, but in reality it’s all about the old stuff, not the new, no matter how good or bad it might be. Meaning, maybe Spotify is not the devil, maybe your time has passed.

Oh, maybe you’re young and make music and are still complaining.

Well, chances are you’d have been completely closed out in the MTV era. You had to be good-looking, are you? And there were very few slots, probably you could not get one at all.

Big wheel keeps on turnin’, Proud Mary keeps on turnin’, as the business floats down the river while what’s left behind struggles to stay afloat, or drowns.


Maybe you saw that story this week, about the life of old songs, whether kids remember them:

“How We’ll Forget John Lennon”

Everything has its window. Elvis memorabilia is tanking in the marketplace, because his fans HAVE DIED!

So, if you want to know the way it was, watch this Go-Go’s documentary. At the end, I was worried it was devolving into a “Behind the Music” episode, focusing on the Broadway play and the new single, but that footage turned out to be very brief.

This is a story about a band that was willing to sacrifice everything to make it. And funnily enough, the only member who had graduated from college, the straightest of the group, guitarist and songwriter Charlotte Caffey, was the one who got hooked on heroin. Yes, truth is stranger than fiction.

But there was an era where even to be an amateur you had to dedicate all your time. Promote yourself online? Maybe you could tack some posters to telephone poles, and would people even come if they’d never heard of you or your music? Usually no.

It was a big risk. And most didn’t make it. And you had to live at home. And you were broke. As your friends started to make money and… Not get that rich, nobody was that rich in that era, that didn’t come until Reagan legitimized greed, the boomers sold out and the techies arrived. Tech is MTV on steroids. You create a product that can reach EVERYBODY! It’s like shoes. Only there’s no physical and reaching Prague costs the same as reaching Peoria.

So, right now, we’ve got a very narrow pipe. Only a few things are successful, and they’re far less successful than they were in the MTV era. Everybody knew the Go-Go’s, does everybody know Drake? Parents knew the Go-Go’s, the world was smaller and we were all paying attention to MTV. There was a slew of gatekeepers. And if the one, and it was frequently just one, at MTV, didn’t cotton to your sound AND IMAGE, good luck!

But those who passed through, those who made it, were bigger than bankers, politicians and CEOs. Musicians were our gods. And the funny thing is the usual dues didn’t matter. Who your parents were, where you went to school? IRRELEVANT! It was a flat world where everybody started in the same place.

Well, assuming you were in Los Angeles. Assuming you had the hunger. Assuming you had the beat.

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The Once Mighty Pirate IPTV Platform ‘cCloud’ Announces Its Demise | TorrentFreak

When 国内如何上国外网站 first appeared on the scene years ago, it billed itself as the ‘Popcorn Time for Live TV’.

It was one of the first services that allowed users to access premium IPTV streams for free through an easy to use interface.

CCloud worked by scraping third-party sources to find free streams, presenting them in a single interface that could be accessed on the web and on platforms such as Roku and Kodi.

老王pn2 2.1.7官网

Developer ‘Bane’ originally started the project as a tool for personal use, at a time when he no longer could afford expensive cable subscriptions. His solution was to combine all pirate IPTV streams he could find into a single service.

This proved to be a popular idea, as the userbase shot up soon after the service was made public.

“A week after launch, the website already had some heavy traffic, likely because it was so easy to use. After two weeks it had already grown beyond what I ever imagined,” Bane said.

Back then, the torrent-based app Popcorn Time was making mainstream headlines. The developer of cCloud cleverly used this to advertise his service as the ‘Popcorn Time for Live TV,’ an angle that paid off as it raised the interest of news outlets.

老王pn2 2.1.7官网

This attention and the ever-increasing visitor numbers also came with a downside. Slowly but steadily, copyright holders started to take notice. They were not happy with what they saw and started sending DMCA notices, demanding that links to their content were removed.

“It was scary when I got my first DMCA,” Bane tells us, and at one point he was worried that he might have to go to jail. In a panic move, he pulled everything offline.

Shutting down permanently in the midst of the high user demand didn’t feel right though. Since cCloud didn’t host any copyrighted material and relied on third-party links, Bane brought it back after a week, explaining in more detail how it worked.

This reduced the number of DMCA notices and cCloud was back on track. With help from volunteer developers it kept growing and expanding, making it one of the most-used apps on Kodi, Plex, and Roku.

Amidst the project’s expansion, the legal pressure was always looming. For example, cCloud was prominently named as an infringing service in the Canadian lawsuit against TVAddons, which was filed in 2017.

A year later, the popular media player gogo加速器让您国外访问 国内QQ音乐,酷狗音乐,网易云 ...:2021-5-11 · GOGO 加速器一键帮您解决国外访问不了国内QQ音乐,酷狗,网易云音乐,咪咕音乐 ,因版权限制问题而不能正常听歌使用问题!步骤1:打开加速器,登录账号密码(有一条免费线路供您免费使用,当然,想用更快线路可伍购买VIP哦,贼便宜)! ..., presumably over copyright infringement concerns. These issues eventually resulted in an exodus of developers.

老王pn2 2.1.7官网

“After the TVAddons situation things kind of went downhill. Developers who were helping me with various platforms decided to leave for good,” Bane recalls.

“So I was left all alone and had to manage all of the servers and the backend for each platform on my own. I tried to get help from developers and some tried to help but, once they realized how much work is involved to keep things running, they just gave up.”

Keeping cCloud online with a one-man team wasn’t an easy task. While the streaming link scrapers are automated, they have to be updated frequently, as ‘publishers’ update them continuously.

“cCloud Bots scrapers have been running for years but they are not bulletproof. Just like any other scrapers, they break if the source changes or is updated,” Bane says.

老王pn2 2.1.7官网

This essentially resulted in a perpetual cat-and-mouse game. CCloud worked, most of the time, but that consumed a lot of time and effort. And with user numbers dwindling, Bane decided to voluntarily throw in the towel.

“Things have been running fine for years but sometimes you just have to let things go so I have now made the tough decision to let the project go,” he says.

While the official cCloud site remains online the scrapers are no longer updated. This means that the service is pretty much unusable now and most premium channel streams have been down for a few months already.

月光加速器好用吗?月光加速器官网注册及使用教程 - 潘达 ...:2021-5-6 · 2021年的新冠病毒让全球的防疫系统一地鸡毛的同时,也变相的增加了国内用户对于国外信息了解的渴望,但是国内的大多数用户是很难直接访问国外的网站的,游戏用的加速器也不能浏览视频和网站,因此必须需要使用一些特殊的科学上网手段才行。

The developer will let the main servers expire next month and the automation server won’t be renewed in November either. cCloud will then simply disappear.

While Bane is sad to see his ‘baby’ gone, he believes it’s for the best. cCloud proved a point and served its purpose. In fact, in a small way, it may have helped some big content providers to offer IPTV services. These are more common today.

“There currently are a lot of legal IPTV alternatives out there. This was not the option when I started the project five years ago. Today you have Philo, Hulu, YouTube TV, Fubo Tv and many more.

“In general, all of the big players have already stepped into the IPTV arena with affordable costs and stable streams,” Bane concludes.

From: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more.

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This week in music commentary, Garth Brooks requests the CMA pull him out of the Entertainer of the Year contention, we learn the psychology behind ‘you are what you listen. Continue reading

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UFC Pirate Ordered to Pay $32m in Damages Says He Was Bullied & Paid Nothing | TorrentFreak

Mixed Martial Arts is one of the fastest growing and arguably most exciting sports in the world. At the highest level it’s dominated by the Ultimate Fighting Championship, better known as the UFC.

The UFC harbors grand plans to become a global phenomenon, not just in MMA, but in sports overall. However, being a dedicated UFC fan doesn’t come cheap, requiring an $84.98 ESPN+ subscription in the US plus $64.99 for every PPV event. Prices vary overseas but if fans want to watch every show, costs can prove prohibitively expensive.

This has resulted in a thriving market for pirated UFC events via live streaming sites and torrent platforms. This is something the UFC would like to stamp out and in 2014 the organization went to court in the United States, targeting New York man Steven A. Messina for uploading at least 124 UFC events to torrent sites.

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TorrentFreak first interviewed Messina (known online as ‘Secludedly’) in 2013 to discuss his 60FPS uploads, made to sites like The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents. However, our contacts with him a year later were dominated by the UFC’s lawsuit which demanded statutory damages of $18.6m for copyright infringement, up to $13.64m plus $60,000 for breaches of the Federal Communications Act, plus sundry other damages totaling $32.2m.

Like many of its type, the case never went to trial. Instead, after obtaining a default judgment for a cool $32m, the UFC made an announcement in September 2014 saying the matter was over. Messina reportedly agreed to settle with the UFC and as part of that a 国内如何上国外网站 was published.

“I apologize to the UFC for any damages incurred as a result of my actions in illegally distributing copyrighted UFC broadcasts. As a result of my confession for piracy of UFC’s protected content, I fully accept the terms of the settlement with the UFC,” Messina said, according to a statement published by the UFC.

Having spoken to Messina several times in the past, this apology sounded somewhat contrived. However, having read many coerced ‘pirate apologies’ over the years, it wasn’t particularly out of the ordinary either. The UFC clearly wanted a ‘head on a pike’ to deter others and they got what they wanted. But now, six years later, this apparent apology is a source of irritation for Messina, who wants to set the record straight.

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“I never publicly apologized, nor was I ever sorry,” Messina told TF this week. “I did what I believed was right for the many who couldn’t see these events, and I take pride in that fact.”

Messina admits that he didn’t just pirate UFC events, he also uploaded those from lesser-known organizations, some of whom had rising stars that eventually joined the UFC. He says he wanted those fighters to get recognized, thus attracting eyeballs to the UFC.

“No one got hurt and other people still made money,” Messina says. “If anything, the UFC should have thanked me for my help in creating yet another platform or avenue for these hardworking athletes to get recognized and to help their own corporation grow, as insignificant it may have been. Regardless of what they say, they didn’t lose money. That’s simply an archaic bullshit mindset.”

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The UFC’s 2014 press statement indicated that Messina settled with the UFC. No figures were published but no one really believed that it would be the $32m sanctioned by the court. In addition, Messina’s equipment was ordered to be surrendered to the UFC. According to him, however, none of that happened. He had to pay his lawyer but as for the rest, nothing happened.

“The UFC simply wanted me (or in this case, my legal representative) to sign a contract that would let them release an article of ‘me apologizing’ on FOX Sports’ website. Basically, ‘We’ll drop this if you let us write a bogus story about you to the public’ is what they were saying.

“I didn’t agree to it, nor wanted it done, and after days of declining to agree to the terms, I caved just to get it over with,” he says.

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Messina says that while his lawyer was paid to act on his behalf, he never signed any paperwork and never issued a personal apology. Nevertheless, the text that now appears whenever someone Google’s Messina’s name appears to be the main motivation for him speaking out now. One part of the ‘apology’, detailed below, has him really fired up.

I now realize the harm caused by my actions. It is my hope that I can use this difficult period as a learning experience as I move on with my life. I would also like to tell anyone pirating UFC broadcasts, either through illegal downloading or non-authorized streaming, that it is illegal and not worth the risk.

“Whoever wrote this can kiss my ass,” Messina says.

“If you’re downloading or streaming from anywhere on the internet, then you either don’t have the channel on TV, the money to afford the PPV, or live in a place where it’s not available.

“Are you trying to tell me that people who can barely pay their bills should not be able to show support for your product if they so choose? You should be appreciating that people even WANT to download the product to begin with. Sure, people may not be able to buy the PPV that comes out the day before rent is due, but does that mean they aren’t supporting you?”

Who Caused Harm? Messina or the UFC?

Messina suggests that what he did more than six years ago amounted to a public service, enabling the UFC to grow its business by exposing its events to new audiences. While the UFC will certainly express public reservations about that, there can be little doubt that piracy of UFC events has resulted in more exposure for the sport. However, Messina believes that chasing him down only did damage to the UFC itself.

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“The UFC’s legal team needs to learn about the internet a little more and how it works, but it seems they have some old ass bozos that act like they’re the RIAA, who also suffered from a failed legal ideology.”


Despite the animosity over the ‘fake apology’, Messina says that he learned a lot from the experience of being sued by the UFC. Importantly, he recognizes that it doesn’t matter if people believe in what they are doing, if there are legal ramifications those need to be understood and prepared for.

Messina doesn’t pirate UFC events anymore but says that would be pointless anyway. Plenty of other piracy groups are either live streaming the shows or uploading them to torrents, so pirate consumers are already spoilt for choice. What he does now that he didn’t do back then, however, is pay more attention to online privacy.

“I’ve also learned to take my internet security seriously and not be as cocky like I did back when I was 27 and going through this issue with the UFC. I’m constantly on a VPN. I use a protected, encrypted, private email company to keep my messages secure. I do not use PayPal ever since they betrayed my trust as a consumer,” he concludes.

From: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more.

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